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Q: Who was called as a witness in the scopes trial?
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Where was John T Scopes called to discuss his involvement in the Scopes trial?


Who was on trial in the scopes monkey trial?

John T. Raulston was the judge in the Scopes trial.

Where did the Scopes Trial happen?

The Scopes Trial, formally known as "The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes" took place in Dayton, Tennessee.

What is the nickname of the trial in Inherit the Wind?

The nickname of the trial in "Inherit the Wind" is often referred to as the Scopes Monkey Trial.

Why was the scopes trial known as the monkey trial?

Because John Scopes was teaching about the evolution of humans from apes (monkeys)

What does Scopes trial mean?

The Scopes trial refers to the "Scopes-Monkey" trial in which a high school Science teacher in Tennessee violated the Butler Act that made it unlawful to teach evolution in schools. He was found guilty.

What was also known as the monkey trial?

John Scopes for teaching evolution

What divisions in American society were reflected in the scopes trial?

The people who believed in Darwinism and thought it was important for people to know, but it was illegal to teach thus creating the case Scopes trial

What or who was on trial in Monkey Trial?

John Scopes for teaching Evolution

What or who was on the trial in the monkey trial?

John Scopes for teaching Evolution

What did the Tennessee court decide in the scopes trial in the scops triel?

In 1925 the State of Tennessee accused substitute high school teacher John T. Scopes of violating state law by teaching human evolution in a state-funded school. The trial is known as the Scopes Trial or the Scopes Monkey Trial. Scopes was found guilty and fined $100. The verdict subsequently was overturned.

What was the name of the biology teacher on the john scopes monkey trial?

John scopes.