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American industry itself

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men at sea:


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American seamen

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Q: Who was hurt most by Jeffersons embargo policy?
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Who was most hurt by Jefferson's embargo?

American industry itself

Who was hurt the most by the embargo act?

The Embargo Act put in place by the United States was meant to hurt the British and French. The Embargo Act however ended up hurting the United States the most because they couldn't trade for what they needed with the British and French.

Which group was most hurt by Jackson's removal policy?

Which group was most hurt by Jackson removal policy indians being removed from their homelands

What country was hurt by the embargo act?

Embargo Act was the law not restricts trading business with other countries. Many countries suffered with this act, however, most of the negative blow was with the United States.

What group was most hurt by Jackson removal policy?

The Native Americans were hurt by Jackson's removal policy. They were forced to move to what is now Oklahoma.

Stagflation in the 1970s is most associated with?

The oil embargo

Why did Jefferson embargo act fail?

The Embargo hurt Britain and France. Americans, however, suffered even more. Exports dropped from $108 million in 1807 to $22 million in 1808. American sailors had no work. Farmers lost money because they could not ship wheat overseas. Docks in the South were piled high with cotton and tobacco. The Embargo Act hurt New England merchants most of all, and they protested loudly.

Which country was hurt the most by the embargo act of 1807?

The United States because we were not getting our foreign goods, but they were still trading and shipping with other foreign countries

Which of Jeffersons policies was most important?

The Louisiana Purchase

What was Thomas Jeffersons Most famous Inventoin?

Debatable, but most likely electricity.

Which group of native Americans were most hurt by jacksons removal policy?

Native American tribes that lived east of the Mississippi River were the people most hurt by Andrew Jacksonâ??s Indian Removal Policy. These people did not know where they could go, how to survive on foreign lands, or who they could trust.

What was one of Jefferson's most unpopular acts?