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Elvis Presley was on the before Abraham Lincoln of course.

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Q: Who was on the penny before Abraham?
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Is George Washington on the penny?

No, George Washington is not on the penny. Abraham Lincoln is featured on the front (obverse) of the penny.

When was Abraham Lincoln's portrait placed on the penny?

Abraham Lincoln's portrait was added to the penny in 1909

What is on the tail side of an Abraham Lincoln penny?

Currently it is the Union Shield, in 2009 it was scenes from Abraham Lincoln's life, before that it was the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.

Who is the penny?

Abraham Lincoln.

How did Benjamin Franklin get on the penny?

And I thought Abraham Lincoln was on the Penny.

Whose on the US penny?

Abraham Lincoln is on the US penny

What us persident is on the penny?

Abraham Lincoln is on the US penny.

Who is portriat is on a penny?

Abraham Lincoln.

Is Abraham Lincoln on the penny?


What is on the US penny?

Abraham Lincoln

Who is is face is on penny?

Abraham Lincoln

Who is on the front of a penny?

Abraham Lincoln