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Samuel J. Tilden 1876 Democratic Presidential CandidateThe Democratic candidates for the 1876 Presidential election were Samuel J. Tilden and Thomas Hendricks The other candidates were Rutherford B. Hayes - William A. Wheeler (Republican), Peter Cooper - Samuel Fenton Cary (Greenback Labor), and Green Clay Smith - Gideon T. Stewart (Prohibition). Rutherford B. Hayes won the election to become the 19th President of the United States. President Hayes was in office from March 4, 1877 to March 4, 1881.
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William Jennings Bryan

He was also the Democratic Party Presidential Nominee in 1900 and 1908, and in 1896 he was one of only three major-party presidential nominees throughout U.S. history who were under the age of 40.

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The Democratic Candidate was William Jennings Bryan, running against Republican William McKinley. The Populist Party also nominated Bryan but McKinley still won.

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Q: Who was the democratic candidate for president in 1876?
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Who was first presidential candidate of Democratic Party?

Andrew Jackson essentially founded a national Democratic party. The party split just before the Civil War and had to re-organize almost totally. Samuel Tilden was the first candidate of the reformed Democratic Party to have a serious chance of winning.

Why does the president pick the vice president?

The Presidential Candidate's main purpose in picking the Vice President is "balancing the ticket." To "balance the ticket" is to find a VP Candidate that deposits values into a Presidential campaign that will bring support from voters that were not previously inclined to vote for that candidate. In most every United States presidential election within the past 30 years, the presidential candidate chose a VP candidate with almost opposite views and beliefs so that they might hoard the votes.

First president elected by original democratic-Republican Party?

The first president from the original Democratic-Republican Party was Thomas Jefferson. He was elected in 1802 and took office in 1803.

What event brought about the need for the compromise of 1877?

Reconstruction politics meant that the electoral votes of three Southern states were disputed in the Presidential election of 1876, preventing either candidate from achieving a majority. The "Compromise of 1877" was a suspected informal agreement that gave Rutherford Hayes the Presidency in exchange for the relaxation of Reconstruction in the South. The Democratic candidate, Samuel J. Tilden, otherwise would have won the election of 1876, having the lead in both the popular and electoral votes. The "corrupt bargain" in the House mirrored the situation in the election of 1824 where John Quincy Adams was elected in a race that had four candidates. The South regained their mostly Democratic governments and began a long history of voting as a bloc (the Solid South) to achieve political aims.

Was abraham lincoln the first democratic president?

No. Lincoln was never a Democrat. He was the first Republican President.

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Democratic candidate for president in 1876 who won the popular vote but lost the election?

Samuel Tilden

Democratic candidate in 1876?


Who was the VP in the election of 1876?

Republican Party candidate Rutherford Hayes won the 1876 presidential election defeating Democratic Party candidate Samuel Tilden. William Wheeler, Rutherford Hayes' running mate, was elected vice president.

Who was the Republican canidate in 1876?

The Republican candidate for President in 1876 was Rutherford B. Hayes.

Who was the democratic candidate for president in 2012?

Barack Obama , Democratic candidate, won re-election in 2012.

Who was the Democratic nominee for President in 1876?

Samuel J. Tilden

Who was a democratic candidate for president in 1904?

Theodore Roosevelt

In the Presidential election of 1876, who was the Democratic candidate that got the most popular votes of the people?

sam tilden

Who was the winner of the presidential election of 1876 apex?

Republican Party candidate Rutherford Hayes won the 1876 presidential election defeating Democratic Party candidate Samuel Tilden.

Who was known to be the Northern Democratic candidate for president in 1860?

Stephen Douglas

Who was the Democratic candidate for president in 1884?

Grover Cleveland ran for the Democrats in 1884 and won to become the first Democratic President after the Civil War.

Was John Breckinridge a presidential candidate in 1860?

No, he ran for U.S. President in 1860 as the Democratic Party's southern candidate.