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Bishop Charles Harrison Mason 1866-1961

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Q: Who was the first presiding bishop of this Church and when?
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Who is the Presiding Bishop of the Church of God In Christ?

The Presiding Bishop is the Chief Apostle of the Church of God In Christ. He is the leader of the church. Bishop Charles E. Blake of Los Angeles, California is the Presiding Bishop of the Church

When was Bishop Charles Blake elected Presiding Bishop of the COGIC?

When Bishop G.E. Patterson (his predecessor) died on March 20, 2007, Bishop Blake assumed the office of Presiding Bishop. But then in November of 2008, he was formally elected as Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ, therefore succeeding Bishop Patterson as the presiding bishop. So, in a short answer, he was elected in November of 2008.

Who is Bishop Blake?

Bishop Charles Blake is the Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ, Inc., a six-million-member Pentecostal-Holiness denomination.

What is the leadership chain of LDS family Services?

LDS Family Services, as well as all other Church-operated community outreach programs (Deseret Industries, Humanitarian Services, Bishop's Storehouse, etc) are overseen by the Presiding Bishop (currently Bishop H. David Burton) and his two councelors. The Presiding Bishop reports directly to the First Presidency.

What role does the preacher steward in the ame zion church play in regards to the bishop and presiding elder?


Who is the new Bishop at G E Patterson's church?

The Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ is the Right Reverend Charles Edward Blake and the pastor of the Temple of Deliverance COGIC is Superintendent Milton Hawkins

Who is Bishop Ford and what does he do?

Bishop Louis Henry Ford or Bishop Ford was a religious activist and former presiding bishop of 8.5 million members of Church of God in Christ. He spent 40 years in Chicago and died there at the age of 81.

Who is Bishop Charles E Blake Sr?

Bishop Charles Edward Blake Sr. (born August 5, 1940 in Little Rock, Arkansas) serves as the Presiding Bishop and Chief Apostle of the Church of God in Christ, Inc., a 6 million-member Pentecostal-Holiness denomination. He was elected Presiding Bishop of the denomination in 2008, after the death of his predecessor, Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson.

What international outreach programs has the Church of God in Christ undertaken from 2007 to present?

The international outreach program that the Church of God in Christ has undertaken since 2007 was the Urban Initiatives. This happened after Bishop Charles E. Blake assumed leadership and was elected Presiding Bishop of the church.

Who is the presiding bishop of Great Britain?

There is no person or office with the title "Bishop if Great Britain". The head of the Anglican church is the "Archbishop of Canterbury" and the current incumbent of that position is a man called Justin Welby.

Who are bishop Joseph warren walker brothers?

Bishop Joseph Warren Walker III does not have any brothers. He is an American pastor and bishop who serves as the presiding bishop of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International.

What did they call the large churches in the middle ages?

Some large churches were cathedrals, but the fact that a church was large did not make it a cathedral. The thing that made it a cathedral was that it was the church of a bishop. Westminster Abbey was not a cathedral, except for a period of about ten years when a bishop was presiding there.