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Q: Who was the governor of Virginia who claimed that the Ohio Valley was a British colony?
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Who was the governor of Virginia who claimed that the Ohio valley was a british?


Who claimed the Ohio River Valley?

The British and the FRench claimed it which started the French & Indian War! But in the end the British won.

What Virginia farmer was told by Governor Dinwiddie to drive the French from the Ohio Valley?

Gorge Washington

Who delivered a message for Robert dinwiddie telling the french to leave the Ohio valley region?

Robert Dinwiddie, British lieutenant governor of Virginia ... Virginia militia to deliver a message to the French, warning them to leave Virginia territory. ... Washington's map of the Ohio River and surrounding region containing notes on ....French forces in the Ohio valley also continued to intrigue with Indians ...

What were the first steps towards the French and Indian war?

1.virginians wanted to settle the Ohio valley. 2. the governor of Virginia sent George Washington to notify the british that they were on british terrotory. 3. they refused to leave, french/Indian war starts

In 1753 who fought the british over settlements in the ohio river valley?

The French had claimed the Ohio River Valley first, so they are the ones who fought against the British.

Which young British officer from Virginia gained notoriety in the colonies for his attempt to defend British claims in the Ohio valley?

George Washington.

Why did the British and the French have conflict during the French and Indian war?

Because they had both claimed land on Ohio River Valley.

Why did the french oppose the English pres sense in the Ohio river valley?

because the french wanted the land but the british already claimed it

Did Samuel De Champlain claimed the Mississippi valley river valley?

The answer is yes. He did claimed the Mississippi River.

When was Shenandoah Valley Governor's School created?

Shenandoah Valley Governor's School was created in 1993.

Why did the british and the french go to war in 1754?

The French and the British went to war because in the beginning both the French and British claimed the land in the Ohio River Valley. France feared that the British would take over the region. The British saw the forts that the French were building as a threat to the British settlers in the area.