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Q: Who was the leader of the Federal Emergency relief act?
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What act gave work relief for states?

Federal Emergency Relief Act

This new deal program gave help to the poor and needy?

The Federal Emergency Relief Administration(FERA)

What act gives the federal government legislative authority to provide relief in a major disaster?

. The Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act.

What is FERA?

Federal Emergency Relief AdministrationFood and Environment Research AgencyFraud Enforcement and Recovery Act of 2009

What was the The federal emergency relief act?

Emergency Banking Relief Act provided for the reopening of the banks as soon as examiners had found them to be financially secure. Answered BY: Levi M. Levitt

What best describes the purpose of the Emergency Relief Appropriations Act?

The purpose of the Emergency Relief Appropriations Act is to provide funds for emergency relief, primarily through employment.

What did roosevelt and congress pass the day after Franklin Delano Roosevelt's inauguration?

The New Deal

What were the four bills sent to congress implenting Roosevelts New Deal?

1) Federal Emergency Relief Act 2) The Social Security Act 3) Emergency Banking Act 4) The Agricultural Adjustment Act

The medicaid program was a direct result of funds provided by the federal emergency relief administration a law passed by congress in 1950 the social security act of 1935 or title xix of the soc?

funds provided by the Federal Emergency Relief Administation Medicaid began in 1965 via Title XIX of the Social Security Act.

What do the federal emergency relief administration (1933)the social security act (1935)and the fair labor standards act (1938) have in common?

all involved redistribution of wealth

The Emergency Banking Relief Act helped solve the banking crisis by?

Issuing licenses to banks that the federal examiners found to be financially sound

What legislation ended the banking crisis?

Emergency Banking Relief Act