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I am certain that it is Andrew Jackson who was the president during the Removal Act of the Native Americans.

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Andrew Jackson was president during the removal of Native Americans.

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Q: Who was the president during the removal of the Native Americans?
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The state that was once set aside for Native Americans is?

The state that most Native Americans were moved to during the Indian Removal Act was Oklahoma.

Removal of Native Americans from their lands in the eastern US to land west of the Mississippi occurred primarily during?

the first half of the 1800s.

Who was president during the Cherokees removal?

President Andrew Jackson!

Who helped the Americans during the Revolution?

the native americans.

How many Native American death sentences did US President Lincoln commute when the Great Sioux Uprising was ended in 1862?

US President Lincoln commuted the death sentences of 260 Native Americans who had been captured during the Great Sioux Uprising of 1862. Many other Native Americans were killed in the conflict. On one day alone, the largest mass execution of Native Americans took place in 1862. Thirty eight Native Americans were hanged on December 26, 1862.

During the Spanish colonial period what group posed the greatest threat to settlers in New Mexico?

nomadic native americans

What was president Jackson's policy toward the native Americans?

The Indian Removal policy, although shot down by the Supreme Court, Jackson went against their ruling and used it against the Cherokee Natives, forcing thousands of Cherokee to move west. During which, killed 1/4 of those moved west.

Did native Americans regain territory during the war of 1812?

No, the British promised land, but the Native Americans didn't get anything.

Who suffered during the westward expansion?

The Native Americans.

How did the first people ( native Americans) get to the Americans?

Native Americans migrated from Asia over the land bridge that once connected Russia and Alaska during the Ice Age.

When were Native Americans first known in history?

The Native Americans were first known in history during the exploration and colonization of the Americas, where they were discovered by European explorers.

Whose side did the native americans fought on during the french and india war?

whose side did the native americans take between the french and british and why?