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To be mother ****ing honest, I really do not NOT give a **** who was Abraham's Lincoln competition. Its not like I was running against the mother******, I mean like who gives a flying ****. Certaintly not me. Thats my ****ing answer.

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Q: Who were Abraham Lincoln's competition when becoming president?
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What is Abraham Lincolns nationality?

President Abraham Lincolns nationality is , that he was a U.S citizen.

How did Abraham lincolns life turn out to be?

a president

What is Abraham Lincolns accomplishment as president?

Abraham Lincoln kept his cabinet clean

Who was Lincolns succeser as president?

Abraham Lincoln's successor was Andrew Johnson.

How was Abraham Lincolns life remarkable?

The fact he became president is remarkable.

Name one of Abraham lincolns accomplisments?

He was the first US president with a beard.

What was the last name of Lincolns successor?

president abraham last name was linocln

What is president Lincolns' hole name?

His full name is Abraham Lincoln. He did not have a middle name.

What was Abraham lincolns occupation during the civil war?

President of the United States of America.

What was one result of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln?

Andrew Johnson being the first person to be president after Lincolns assassination

What was some of Abraham lincolns beliefs?

1 of his beliefs were that when he became president he would end slavery.

Abraham Lincolns economic class?

Abraham lincolns economic class is middle class