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William Floyde Garrison, he influenced the movement in a more peaceful mannor by using his skills in poetry to write poems to sway people viewpoints on abolition.

dont copy that word for word or else your teacher will find out

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Q: Who were some leading abolitionists and what methods did they use?
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What methods did abolitionists use to fight against slavery?

Abolitionists used methods such as writing and distributing anti-slavery literature, organizing protests and boycotts, speaking at public events, and supporting the Underground Railroad, which helped enslaved individuals escape to freedom. They also lobbied political leaders to pass anti-slavery laws and worked to change public opinion on the issue.

How do you use abolitionists in a sentence?

Such works went beyond white abolitionists, arguing for race consciousness

What methods did many of the enslaved African Americans use to find their way north?

The methods of how slaves escaped were orally, Underground Railroad, and by singing spirituals that explained were to go and who to meet. Abolitionists traveled to the south to help slaves and many slaves traveled by night and rested by daylight.

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What methods did abolitionist use to promote their methods?

Abolitionists used methods such as public speaking, writing pamphlets and books, circulating petitions, hosting public meetings and rallies, and engaging in civil disobedience like sit-ins and protests to promote their cause. They also utilized networks of supporters to spread their message and build momentum for the abolitionist movement.

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Abolitionists all agreed about?

the need to end slavery and grant equal rights to all individuals, regardless of race or ethnicity. They believed that slavery was a moral and social evil that violated the principles of liberty and equality. However, there were differences among abolitionists regarding the methods and strategies to achieve this goal, such as gradual emancipation versus immediate abolition or whether to use political or direct action.

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