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The bosses of the gilded age were usually corrupt and received payment from the robber barons. Some of these bosses were Boss Tweed and the political machine of Tammany Hall. The corruption extended to include some of the presidents.

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Q: Who were some political bosses of the gilded age?
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Political participation during the gilded age was?

The political participation was high. This is during the gilded age.

Political participation during the gilded age?

Political participation during the Gilded Age was extremely high.

How important are the Urban Bosses And Machine Politics to the gilded age?

Political Bosses and Machines were the backbone of the gilded age. They held down reformers for big business and improved the living conditions (not working conditions) of immigrants (all in exchange for votes of course), and then the cycle would repeat because of the massive influx of immigrants to America.

How did political machines control cities during the Gilded Age?

Political machines controlled the activities of political parties in the city. Ward bosses, precinct captains, and the city boss worked to ensure that their candidates were elected and that city government worked to their advantage.

The Gilded Age was marked by what?

the quest for wealth and political and social corruption

What was The Gilded Age was marked?

the quest for wealth and political and social corruption

During the Gilded Age the lifeblood of both the Democratic and the Republican parties was?

political patronage

Which statement is supported by the information in the reading passageThe main source of political corruption in the Gilded Age was centered in state governments?

Political corruption was not limited to a specific political party.

How were airplanes important to the gilded age?

There were no airplanes in 'the gilded age'.

What additional actions might the government have taken to address the political corruption of the Gilded Age?

Read your textbook...

Definition of gilded age History of the US gilded age?

i need this answer

Who wrote The Gilded Age?

"The Gilded Age" was written by Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner, and published in 1873. The novel satirizes political corruption and social issues in post-Civil War America.