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Q: Who were the 3 major political leaders in the 60s?
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Who are the 3 all time league baseball home run leaders?

Who are the 3 time Major league baseball home run leaders

Who are the leaders of the 3 major political parties in Canada?

there are actually 5 major politial parties of canada. Conservatives: Stephen Harper Liberals: Stephane Dion Bloc Québécois: Gilles Duceppe NDP: Jack Layton Green Party: Elizabeth May

How were the post World War 2 bounderies esablished?

The political leaders of the Big 3 and other allied force leaders decided how the borders would be drawn in Europe and Korea.

Who were the 3 main political leaders in the Cuban missile crisis?

Nikita Kurushchev Fide Castro John .f. Kennedy

Who are the leaders of the 3 political parties?

Gordan Brown (Labour) David Cameron (Conservitives) Nick Cleg (Lib Dem)

What was the price of a 3 bedroom house in the 60s?

$40,000 dollars

Is the 60s singer Duffy Power dead?

he died 3 days ago

What were the 3 major flaws in the US economy that led to great depression?

Political Weaknesses Economic Weaknesses Social Weaknesses

What are the release dates for The '60s - 1999 TV?

The '60s - 1999 TV was released on: USA: 7 February 1999 Australia: 23 April 2000 Sweden: 3 January 2003

What are the three contributions of Jewish civilization to Western political thought?

1. Man's relationship with his leaders, 2. Man's relationship to the nation or state, 3. Man's relationship with his fellow man.

Top three career home run leaders in major league baseball?

1. Barry Bonds 2. Hank Aaron 3. Babe Ruth

What were the names of the big 3?

If you're referring to the big 3 political leaders in the years following on from the second world war and during the cold war, then they are Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt. But then, Roosevelt died and was replaced by Truman, meanwhile Churchill was replace by Atlee. Eventually Stalin died and was replaced by Khrushchev. In any case the big 3 were Great Britain, America and Russia, regardless of the leaders.