Who were the family of sam Walton?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Bud Walton, Ann Walton,Jim Walton.John Walton,Rob Walton, Christy Walton,Helen Walton,Luke Walton,Alice Walton


Samuel Moore Walton lived from March 29th 1918 to April 6th 1992.

He got married to Helen Robson Kempter who lived from December 3rd 1919 to April 19th 2007.They had five children. Samuel Robson Walton(Rob) got married to a woman and had three children.John Thomas Walton lived from October 8th

1946 to June 27th 2005.He married Christy Walton and had a son named Luke Walton.Alice Lousie Walton married a man and had no children.James Carr Walton (Jim) Lynne McNabb and four children.James Lawrence Walton (Bud) married Audrey Walton and had two kids.Nancy Walton married Bill Laurie and had 1 kid named Elizabeth Paige Laurie.Ann Walton married E. Stanley Kroenke and had 2 children named Josh Kroenke and Whitney Kroenke Burditt.Hope this helps thx!! :)

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Q: Who were the family of sam Walton?
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