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People first arrived in America from Eurasia a minimum of 12,000 years ago and became what we nowadays call the Native Americans. In the 1400s Europeans discovered America and began exploring South America and islands off it's coast. Spaniards were the first to settle in the new land, then came the French and English.

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The Puritans were the first settlers to arrive in America.

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Q: Who were the first settlers in the Americas?
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Who was Americas 1st settlers?

Americas first settlers were native Americans.

Who were Americas first settlers?

Migratory aboriginies.

By what way were first known settlers to the Americas believed to have traveled?

Land bridge

Why did Christianity spread to Americas?

Simply because many christians were amongst the first settlers.

What did the Europeans settler lived in?

The first settlers moved to the Americas and established the Roanoke Colony.

In what part of the Americas did the explorers and settlers from France first settle?

New France or the Canadas.

Who where the second settlers in the US?

The second settlers are the Europeans after Christophe Columbus came (NOT discovered) to the shores of the land now called the Americas. The first settlers are the natives (or the landlords).

Was Christianity introduced to the Americas by the Italians?

No, not initially. The first settlers from England were Christians and they brought their religious practice with them.

What ruler granted encomienda to the Spanish settlers in the Americas?

King Ferdinand of Spain granted encomienda to the Spanish settlers in the Americas.

Did bees come to America on ship ments of fruit?

No, the first honey bees were brought to the Americas by the early European settlers.

What is a descendant of Spanish settlers born in the Americas?

well back when colonization first began in the Americas any descendant of spanish settlers born in the Americas were called Creole, but if you were traveling from Spain to the Americas you where called a Peninsular meaning you were born near the Iberian Peninsula. Of course the term Creole has changed over the years, now it refers to mixed ethnicity or food lol, i hope that helps.

What did the Spanish colonists build in the Americas?

What did the first Spanish settlers in the West build there?