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Hamiltonians were the people who supported Alexander Hamilton and jeffersonians were the people who supported Jefferson and Madison. Hamilton wanted the other states who had finished paying off their debts to help the other states who hadn't paid of their debts, and he also supported the creation of the national bank, which he believed would greatly help the government. Basically the jeffersonians disagreed with this.

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Q: Who were the hamiltonians and who were the jeffersonians?
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Conflicts between Jeffersonians and Hamiltonians during President George Washington's first admimistration led directly to the?

this lead directly to the start of the first political parties

Who supported the french revolution?

The French revolution drew divided feelings around the world. In Europe, absolute monarchs began to sense their vulnerability and felt obligated to make an example of the new government to discourage their subjects from taking the same route. In the United States, the feelings were split, Federalists like Alexander Hamilton were appalled at the Revolution, and wanted to distance themselves from France. The Democratic Republicans, like Thomas Jefferson, however, were inspired by the Revolution and wanted to show their support.

What were the reasons why the war of 1812 occurred?

The war had two major causes: repeated British violations of American sovereignty, and American expansionism, which was later expressed as manifest destiny. During the 1790's the Native Americans were very angry and done with white settlers coming into their land and pushing them more and more west. This caused a lot of conflict between the Native Americans and the United States because all of the white settlers were ignoring the treaties between the two of them. Soon after fighting quickly broke out between the Native Americans and the settlers, lots of innocent lives were lost on both sides. In the 1800's the fighting between the Native Americans caused the alliance between the United States and Britain to get worse. Britain knew that the Native Americans were recently fighting with the white settlers, so they were supplying guns and ammunition to the Native Americans because the Americans used to supply them with many good such as those. They were also encouraging the Native Americans to attack the United Sates. The United states were still continuing to disagree over trade. Knowing that the embargo was set to expire in 1810 between France and Britain, the Untied States said that if France and Britain would stop seizing American ships the Untied States would halt trade with the other nation. Soon after France agreed to stay neutral with the United States. So the United States began trading with France but stopped all shipments to Britain. Some people from the United States, including president Madison, did not want war with Britain. Yet members of Congress from the south and the west called for war on Britain, they were known as War Hawks. The War Hawks had very good and strong points for going to war with Britain. For example, they wanted revenge on Britain for seizing ships, they wanted to conquer Canada. Florida belonged to Spain at the time, Britain's ally, and they thought if the went to war they could seize Florida from Spain. Another reason is that the War Hawks pointed out that Britain was arming the Natives Americans on the Frontier and encouraging to attack the settlers, they thought that winning the war would bring lasting peace and safety to the settlers on the Frontier. In 1811 the united states and Britain were closer than ever to war. Britain wanted to prevent the Americans from trading with France so they blockaded all ports in the Untied Sates. The British still were boarding American ships. A brief battle broke out in June against the British war ship. Americans crippled the British ship and left 32 British dead. Now the War Hawks were urging Congress to prepare for war on Britain. President Madison finally gave in to the war. In June 1812 he asked Congress to declare war on Britain.

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What are the two major political parites in Poland?

jeffersonians and hamiltonians.

Hamiltonians v Jeffersonians?

Hamiltonians or High Federalists were a faction within the Federalist Party that supported Alexander Hamilton's economic programs. Jeffersonians were a faction within the Democratic-Republican that supported Thomas Jefferson's foreign programs. Hamilton favored a strong federal government while Jefferson favored a strong state govenment.

Conflicts between Jeffersonians and Hamiltonians during President George Washington's first administration led directly to the?

Start of the first political parties.

Hamiltonians and jeffersonians?

Hamiltonians are the people that supported Alexander Hamilton's viewpoint of helping other states pay off debts and creating a national bank. While some states had already paid off their debts, they were not very happy about his idea of helping to pay everyone else's debts. Jeffersonians were the people who supported Jefferson and Madison and opposed Hamilton's ideas and the creation of the national bank.

Conflicts between Jeffersonians and Hamiltonians during President George Washington's first admimistration led directly to the?

this lead directly to the start of the first political parties

Which group of Americans supported France in its war with England?

The Jeffersonians.

What did the Jeffersonians put their faith into?

Democracy and the constitution.

When the jeffersonians gained power in congress they immediately repealed?

the excise tax on whiskey

Who were the first parties?

The Federalists and the Anti-Federalists who later became known as the Jeffersonians.

What were the 1st 2 political parties in American History?

The first organized party in America was made up of the followers of Jefferson, who, starting in the 1790s, called themselves Republicans (or Jeffersonian Democratic-Republicans). Hamilton and those who opposed Jefferson, kept the name Federalist. Jefferson's Republican Party has no ties to the current Republican Party. In fact, the current Democratic Party considerers Jefferson and Andrew Jackson as the founders of their party.

What are Hamiltonians?

Hamiltonians were people who followed and supported the policies that Alexander Hamilton espoused on the fiscal affairs of the new union. Hamilton wanted a strong federal government relative to the states. Most importantly, though, Hamilton wanted the federal government to assume the debts that the various states had incurred in paying for the Revolutionary War. Some states had paid down much of their debts themselves and did not want the federal government to assume them. If it did, it would spread the cost of repayment of the entire debt among all of the states. This would have the effect of making some states pay for other states' debts. Hamilton had other fiscal ideas like having a national bank, which many states and people opposed. As it turned out, Hamilton's followers were diametrically opposed by Jefferson and Madison, sometimes referred to as Jeffersonians or Republicans.

Political groups argued that the US must always remain a rural agricultural nation?