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i think it was the cherokee, But I'm not entirerly sure

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Q: Who were the last Indians to migrate to America?
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Which tribe was the last to migrate to America?

almost everyone

Which continent did humans last migrate?

South America

Do Indians migrate?


Did Pueblo Indians Migrate?


The Shawnee Indians was forced to migrate where?


Did eastern woodland Indians migrate?

yes they did

Do Kingfisher migrate?

they migrate in december and january

Do guanacos migrate?

Yes, they migrate through out South America

When did the Cherokee Indians migrate in the US?

The Indian Reservation

Why Indians moved?

They migrate with weather to stay warm.

Did some of the Cherokee Indians migrate to Branchville Virginia?

No, Indians (Cherokee) did not migrate to that area, they were there when white settlers migrated to the area from Europe however and some certainly stayed.

When did the ute Indians migrate?

In the 1500's, They migrated to Colorado