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Q: Who wrote the Appeal of the Cherokee Nation?
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Who wrote the essay Appeal?


When was Cherokee Nation Businesses created?

Cherokee Nation Businesses was created in 2004.

What is Cherokee Nation Businesses's population?

The population of Cherokee Nation Businesses is 9,000.

What topic did Andrew Jackson address in a letter to his wife dated Sept 18 1816?

Andrew Jackson addressed several topics in his letters to his wife. He wrote about their son, the treaty with the Cherokee Nation, and bone shards in his shoulder.

When did the Cherokee tribe began?

when did the Cherokee nation began

What was the vote on the Cherokee Nation v Georgia case?

There was no vote in Cherokee Nation v Georgia, (1831) because the Supreme Court determined it didn't have authority to hear the case under original (trial) jurisdiction because the Cherokee Nation didn't qualify as a State. Chief Justice Marshall indicated the Court would be willing to hear an appeal, if necessary, but the case first had to be refiled in a lower court. Unfortunately, it was never refiled.Case Citation:Cherokee Nation v. Georgia, 30 U.S. 1 (1831)

When did citizens of the Cherokee Nation also become citizens of the US?

The Cherokee nation became citizen's of The USA in 1901

Was Sam Houston an adopted Cherokee?

Yes, he was adopted into the Cherokee Nation.

Was the Cherokee nation friends with the Crow nation?

yes some of the Cherokee Indians and Crow Indians got alone but some did not.

Native American nation?


The Cherokee nation established a from of government very similar to?

The Cherokee Nation was established by tribal leaders in 1827 in northern Georgia, USA.

Are Cherokee people still alive?

Yes, the Cherokee nation still exists.