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they had plenty foods.they didnt lack of food

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Q: Why are the arawaks called the eaters of meal?
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What does the word arawak means?

== a member of an Indian group who lived in the Bahamas and came from the South America. Arawaks really means Eaters of meal.....Arawak, a term meaning "meal eaters" was applied to the Lokonoby their indigenous neighbors as a way to describe their culinary practice of using products fromMauritia flexuosa palm as well as the edible root of the cassava (yuka/manioc) plant.

What was the arawaks favorite meal?

pepper pot

What did arawaks call san salvador?

The Arawaks called San Salvador "Guanahani".

Who was the leader of the arawaks called?

He was the cacique.

Who is the leader of the Arawaks?

The leader of the arawak indians is the cacique. Hope that helped :)

Where did the arawaks live?

The Arawaks mainly lived in the Greater Antilles and the Caribs lived mainly lived in the Lesser Antilles. By the way the Arawaks were called the Taino and the Caribs were called the Kalinago. HOPE THIS WAS INFORMATIVE AND HELPFUL!

What are non vegetable eaters called?

Non Veggie Eaters Are Called Carnivores or simply meat-eaters.

What are non meat eaters called?

First of all, "Meat Eaters" are called Carnivores, and "Non-Meat Eaters" are called Herbivores...

How did the Arawaks catch turtles?

The Arawaks used a sucking fish that closely resembled an eel. They would use the remora (sucking fish) to suck and hold onto the turtle. The fish would not let go unless given fresh meat to suck on. The Arawaks would then pull in the remora(sucking fish) and turtle to make their meal.

Where did the lotus eaters come from in The Odyssey?

The Lotus Eaters came from the island that was called the land of the Lotus Eaters.

Can you get a paragraph on arawaks?

yes you can get paragraph on arawaks

Where more dinosaurs plant-eaters or meat-eaters?

there were more pant eaters. They are called Herbivores. Meat eating dinosaurs are called, carnivores. Carnivores ate Herbivores.