Why are women underestimated?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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It has been like this as long as I can remember. I think it is because if a girl is very pretty, faults are overlooked people assume that the person will really not be smart because this is what happened to the girl in the past.

It is not true, it is a misconception.

Did you every here the expression: "I wonder how she got that job" implying a sexual favor for the position.

Would be wonderful if all the world's people would be honest and fair. Someday it will happen.
In religion, it's not that they are underestimated, more that they are either largely ignored or treated as servants to the will of men. That being said, the "underestimation" you speak of in relation to women isn't present in most polytheistic or hedonistic religions like Satanism, Neo-Paganism, and most Paleo-Pagan religions, where women are at least equal to men if not superior to them.

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There are many reasons why women are underestimated but the most important two are because

1- women have little faith in themselves and

2- because men still have the notion that a woman's place is either in the kitchen or with the kids

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It is not true. Women are fully respected and honored in all religions and faiths.

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Q: Why are women underestimated?
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