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The assumption that Native Americans are "no more" is incorrect. Native American societies continue to thrive today as it did 1000s of years ago. Of course, just as all socities, their socities have changed and evolved. Native Americans can even be found in space; NASA astrounaunt John Herrington (Chickasaw) was the first Native American in space in 2002. Native Americans are found in all Major U.S. cities, but one probably mistakes them for as a non-American. Native American can be found on the silver screen as with "Dances with Wolves" and "Smoke Signals."

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As the white pop. increased and more contact was made with the natives they became sick from things that they had not be exposed to. Everything from flu to TB bedbugs and led poisoning.White's could not under stand the native way of life and dress.

Since the natives did not worship the same God (or not in same way) they were thought to be nothing more than pagans and the slaughter began . The natives weren't stupid ,after losing many battles against gun power and bulletts they knew they couldn't last and so the few that lived through the first couple of years moved.

If you want to see Native Americans while in the city find a building thats under constrution just look up. Most Iron Workers working the high steel are Natives.

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Q: Why aren't there any more Native Americans?
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the Apaches might of had pets like a dog or a horse, but it is unknwn.

Why did the native Americans build dome houses?

cause they had hardly any resources

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Californios and Native Americans were not welcome, because Americans thought any person other than themselves had no right no take gold from the land of 'free and enlighted citizens'.

Why were English colonist so successful at enslaving Native Americans?

The English colonist were successful at enslaving Native Americans for a number of reasons. Firstly the English had superior military technology such as guns and cannons. This gave them an advantage in any conflict with the Native Americans who had limited access to firearms. Secondly the English also had access to diseases that the Native Americans had not yet been exposed to such as smallpox which decimated their population. Finally the English had access to a vast network of trading and military alliances which allowed them to outmaneuver the Native Americans in any conflict. The English colonist were therefore able to take advantage of these factors to gain control over the Native Americans and enslave them. This involved a combination of military force disease and political maneuvering to gain control of Native American lands resources and labor. The English were then able to use the Native Americans as a source of free labor as well as a source of resources to support the growing English colonies.

Why native Americans decided to support the south in the civil war?

The South was rebelling against the federal government during the war and the native americans had never been given any reason to like the feds. They joined the souths rebellion.

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