Why colonist came to America?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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America was the "New World", while in Europe people were already starving and not being able to have a proper life. The American dream was actually the main reason I guess.

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New York had qualities that other places didn't. Namely, it offered good soil, a good harbor, and the Hudson River offered transportation within the states. They also went to New York for a new opportunity to start a new beginning

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Q: Why colonist came to America?
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What was one natural resource the colonist use when they came to America?


Who came to America after Columbus in 1492?

other explorers and colonist around the world.

When did the colonist came to Jamestown and in what year?

The colonist came to Jamestown Virginia in 1607

Who created ketchup in German America?

No German made or invented ketchup. It came from China and was introduced by the British in the 1700's so it came with the colonist.

What did the british soldiers do to cause the colonist to resend them?

They came to America and the Boston Massacre (most of the h8 was caused by propoganda though)

Who helped the colonist in their independence?

France, Spain, and the Dutch. The French turned their back on England and came to help the devoloping America.

How did the colonist interact with the natives in the area Virginia?

The colonists came into America and treated at is as their own, and they had to deal with Natives a lot of times. They wanted to offer peace to other settlers who came.

Why did colonist's come to America?

well the colonists came to America for many different reasons.Some came to discover new lands.It was believed from earlier explorers that there were vast natural treasures in this country so they came just to become rich, while others came to become free

What area did the spanish explore?

If you mean when the Europeans came to America, then the southwest mainly around the Colorado River.

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