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Because American settlers moved in native Americans territories.

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Q: Why did American expansion make native Americans angry?
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Did American expansion make native Americans angry?

Because American settlers moved in native Americans territories.

Why did the French expect native Americans to side with the?

because they were angry i guess

Why did the French expect Native Americans to side with them?

because they were angry i guess

How did the treaty of Greenville affect the rights of native Americans?

Native Americans felt angry that the United States demanded their own land. Some Native Americans were forced to sell their lands to companies. The lives of the Native Americans will never be the same again.

How so you think native Americans felt about the treaty of greeenville?

The Native Americans were angry about the Treaty of Greenville because the United States demanded their lands.

How did the native American's view of westward expansion differ from that of the settlers?

The natives were angered at what was occurring and also angry that their sacred land was desecrated. The Settlers thought this movement was a God given opportunity to move on in the new world.

What was life like for the individuals who settled on the great plains?

They were nervous because of angry native americans!

How did the American colonists react to the royal proclamation of 1763?

The American response to the proclamation of 1763 was "Britain can't tell us what to do!" and Americans settled east of the proclamation line anyways, despite the dangers.

How did the patriot's victory in the American revolution affect native Americans?

Though the Native Americans who had supported the Patriots were pleased with the victory, the Natives who had not were in danger, as the Americans were very angry at them. Many Native Americans had supported the British in the American Revolution; not only because the British treated Natives much more civilly than the colonists did, but because Natives viewed the British as weaker and less dangerous than Colonials. If the British won, many tribes reasoned, it would be easier to force whites out of America once and for all.It left them vulnerable to the Americans hunger for land

How did Juan ponce De Leon's voyage end?

He was shot by angry native americans and then he died and was buried i am awesome

Why was the battle of litte bighorn both a victory and a defeat for native Americans?

It was a victory because the Native Americans won a big battle and killed General Custer. This proved that if they fought together that could win battles against the Americans. But afterwards this battle was a defeat because when the Americans heard when the Indians had done they got really angry, (and a bit scared I suspect), and for revenge they started killing lots of peaceful Native Americans on reservations, as well as trying harder to round up 'wild' Indians. A famous example of this happened at Wounded Knee. This destroyed the last of the Native American spirit.

How might a Native American view the European conquest in the 1600s?

An Indian might be scared or angry from the newcommers.