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cuz they want to

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Q: Why did European traders treat native Americans better then farmers?
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yes they are! they are wey better than fair traders!

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I might be wrong about this answer because I've never heard of community traders, but I'll give it a try. (I think) community traders trade with other people to get what they want, like food, clothes or other supplies. They have things they don't need, so they trade it for things they do need. Farmers, on the other hand, grow plants and other food items. They already have the things they need - assuming that they have clothes - because they grow their food. So the main difference is this: community traders have to trade for food, but farmers grow their food. Farmers have the advantage. Hope this helps! (Sorry if I'm wrong).

Why did European see Africans as better source of labor than native Americans?

European diseases wiped out much of the indigenous labor force.

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Because they just did and you better use this answer, and cause they didnt want the european dicks in their asses.

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Farmers are better than teacher s bcuz they grow food for the country

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helping famers fight for better prices (apex)

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