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Why did Smith say the Native Americans brought food to the starving colonists?

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Q: Why did Smith say the Native Americans brought food to the starving colonists?
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Why did John Smith say the Native Americans brought food to the starving colonists?

John Smith said that the Native Americans brought food to the starving colonists because they did. Pocahontas brought food from the Native Americans to the colonists during their first winter or they would have starved.

What increased tension between the colonists and American Indians?

The theft of food by starving English colonists strained the alliances between the English colonists and the Native Americans. The settlers also began to struggle with the Native Americans for control over the land where the colonies were located.

What was the relationship between Native Americans and the colonists of Georgia?

the relationship between the colonists and Native Americans wasn't very good they didn't like the colonists because they hunted their game, took "their land," and they brought un wanted diseases and plagues from their country.

What did colonists want from native Americans and what did native Americans want from colonists?

Colonist wanted the natives land

Why were such a small number of colonists able to nearly wipe out the Native Americans in New Netherlands?

The colonists sent out an army to wipe out all of the native Americans because the native Americans were killing all of the colonists and that is why there was such a small group of colonists.

Do eastern woodlans have farmers?

Yes, the Native Americans there did grow crops and the colonists did as well. In fact, they brought in plants, animals, and insects not native to North America.

How did colonists in Georgia relate with native Americans?

kylie interacted with the native americans.

What happened to the Colonists?

The colonists relied on Native Americans for food.

How did penn believe colonists should treat native Americans?

Colonists should treat the Native Americans with respect and pay for their land.

How did the native Americans and colonists react to the Proclamation of 1763?

the colonists were furious with it but the western lands were reserved for the native americans as "hunting grounds"

How did the colonists interacted with native Americans?

Colonists we taught by the Native Americans on how to plant corn, beans, and pumpkins and where to hunt and fish. Colonists traded iron pots, blankets, and guns for the Native Americans' furs. Colonists and The Native Americans competed for the land and then finally war broke out in 1636.

How did the colonists attitudes toward native Americans lead to Bacon's rebellion?

Bacon thought it was unfair that the native americans were treated poorly by his uncle, the governor. He decided to rebel against the colonists and his uncle and help the native americans. The colonists thought the native americans were trying to take over Bacon and had a rivalry against the native americans ever since