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Q: Why did african americans and others decide it was time to organize against discrimination?
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Why was discrimination against free African Americans harsher in the south than in the north?

Why do you think that discrimination against free African Americans was harsher in the South than in the North?

What was the source of discrimination against African Americans?

the Jim crow law

How did the war create new opportunities for African-Americans?

they were able to campaign against discrimination

What reasons might African Americans have been reluctant to sue states for voters discrimination?

Longstanding patterns of violence and threats against African Americans

What were the laws adopted after the Civil War to continue discrimination against African Americans?

the Black Codes

What one way are men not created equal in To Kill A Mockingbird?

discrimination against African Americans

Do you think That discrimination against free African Americans was harsher in the south than the north?


Organization founded in 1909 urging equality for African-Americans?

The organization against discrimination in America OADIA

In what year or period did African-Americans begin to make up more than one-half of starting NBA teams?

60s-70s after the discrimination against African Americans.

What role did Ida B Wells play in reform efforts for African Americans?

Ida B. Wells was a journalist who wrote about unequal education opportunities available to African American children. She also drew attention to lynching of African Americans. She wrote directly against discrimination.

What organization was created to unite all african americans in the fight against racial discrimination?

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was an organization created to fight racial discrimination against African Americans. Many blacks and whites alike united within this organization to fight racism.

What was Civil right movement?

The ultimate goals of the Civil Rights Movement were to end racial segregation and discrimination against African Americans.