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They didn't want to be taxed by King George The Third. The colonists wanted independance and to govern themselves. One of the mottoes of the Revolutionary War was 'no taxation without representation'. They were being forced to pay for Britain doing things they didn't agree with, in fact most of the time they didn't even know where the money was going.

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Pay for postage, which had previously been free

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Q: Why did colonists oppose the stamp act and the townshed acts?
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Why did colonists oppose the stamp acts and the townshend acts?

Because they were sick and tired of paying taxes.

Why did colonist oppose the stamp act and the townshend acts?

These taxes were examples of taxation of the colonists who had no representation in Parliament.

Why Were Taxes Such As The Stamp Act Townshed Acts And The Tea Act Hated By The American Colonists?

The American colonists hated the Stamp Act, Townshend Act, and the Tea Act because they did not want raised taxes. They believed it to be unfair and unnecessary.

How did the Stamp Acts and Townshend Acts differ?

townshed - you stop selling stuff usuaslly porno equipt stamp act - no foods stamp

What were sam Adams contibutions to the revolution?

He got involved with acts and taxes that the British 'unlawfully' imposed taxes against the colonists such as the Stamp Act, Sugar Act, and Townshed Act.

What British acts most clearly violated the American colonists' traditional right to a trial by jury?

Townshed acts

How did the townshend affect the colonists' ability to influence governors?

how did the townshed acts effect the colonist

How did the stamp act and the townshend acts different?

townshed - you stop selling stuff usuaslly porno equipt stamp act - no foods stamp

How did colonists protest the townshed?

One method the Colonists used to protest the Townshend Acts was boycotting British goods. There were riots as well. These acts began in 1767.

What did colonists do to protest the TownShed Acts?

they did not buy any printed item the British put a tax on

When was the townshed act imposed?

The Townshend Acts were passed by the Britain's for the colonists in America. The acts were made to get money to pay the politicians.

What did Britain tax colonists?

stamp acts