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Because the natural rights are the that we have no choose but to follow

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Q: Why did john Locke believe that the government had an obligation to protect the citizens natural right?
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Where does the government get its right to govern according to the natural rights philosophers?

they get it from the people/citizens. they get it from the people/citizens.

What is the basis of a natural obligation?

An obligation is a legal bond. Obligations can be civil or natural. A natural obligation implies moral duties which can be enforced only if the obligor consents to it.

Who stated that the government must protect the natural rights of its citizens?

Manga Carta

Which government protects a citizens natural rights federalism or a unitary system?


What is the purpose of government as described in the declaration of the independence?

To protect the natural rights of its citizens.

What did Baron de Montesquieu believe about government's power?

baron de montesquieu believe that government can protect their natural rights....

What natural rights did Thomas Hobbes believe all citizens possess?

Life, Liberty, Property.

What does the natural rights mean in the declaration of independence?

That the government should protect the rights of their citizens.

Which enlightenment thinker believed that citizens should rebel against a tyrannical government?

John Locke believed that citizens have the right to rebel against a tyrannical government if it violates their natural rights to life, liberty, and property. He argued that government exists to protect these rights, and if it fails to do so, citizens have the right to overthrow it.

Who believe that natural law requiring governments to protect citizens rights to life liberty and property?

john Locke

Which type of government allows for citizens to have greatest political influence?

Where it is understood that a government does not grant rights, but that it exists to preserve the natural rights of its people, this creates a system where citizens' via the ballot box and through appointed officials who answer to the public, there citizens have the most power and political influence.

What can the people do if the government breaks their natural rights?

I am not sure but I believe that you can file a law suit.