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Because in the winter they would need warm clothes other wise they would frees to death.

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Q: Why did kwakiutl use animal hides and cedar bark to make clothing?
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Why did Kwakiutl use animal hides and cedar bark for cloths?

The Kwakiutl used animal hides and cedar bark for clothing because they were abundant resources in their environment and provided good protection against the elements. Animal hides were warm and durable, while cedar bark was lightweight and could be woven into garments. Additionally, these materials held cultural significance and were often decorated with designs and symbols.

What type of clothing did the kwakuitl wear?

They used animal hides and cedar bark.

What was Kwakuitl clothing made of?

Kwakiutl shoes made from wood and their clothes from animal hide and tree barks. The Kwakiutl were a Native American tribe of Indian origin.

How did the aboriginals make there clothing?

with animal hides

What was the clothing made out of for the southwest Indians?

buffalo hides or other animal hides

What was clothing made out of in the 1600?

Wool and animal hides

What did the modoc do using animal hides?

they made clothing

Did the Indians have to trade for material to make clothing?

If the clothing was to be made from cloth material weaved instead of tanned animal hides then yes, if it was to be made out of tanned animal hides then no.

What was the Aztecs clothing made of?

The clothing was made of bear and other animal hides.

How did neanderthal make clothing?

They wore animal hides. They would also sew parts of the hides together.

How did the Inuit make clothing?

They made clothing from woven bark or from furs and tanned animal hides.

What did the makah peapole wear?

The Makah people traditionally wore clothing made from cedar bark and animal hides, such as deer and seal skins. They adorned their clothing with intricate beadwork, shell buttons, and other decorations. The style of clothing varied between everyday wear and ceremonial garments.