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Because spring water was found so they made a spa and people settle here to be near it.

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Q: Why did people settle in cheltenham gloucester?
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Who is cheltenham and gloucester?

Cheltenham is a town in Gloucestershire. Gloucester is a city, and county town, of Gloucestershire. "Cheltenham and Gloucester" is a savings and mortgages bank owned by Lloyds Banking Group.

Were is prestbury?

It is in cheltenham which is in gloucester which is in england.

Is cheltenham bigger than gloucester?


How do you get from StPancras to Cheltenham?

Go to Paddington from there some trains run directly to Cheltenham or change at Bristol or Gloucester and get a connection from there to Cheltenham.

What services do Cheltenham and Gloucester provide?

Cheltenham & Gloucester provide banking services. This includes savings accounts, mortgages, and loans. It is located in the United Kingdom, and its services are only available in the UK.

When did cheltenham and gloustireshire have the floods?

Cheltenham and Gloucester were hit with floods in the summer of 2007. these were the worst floods in living memory.

Which football team plays at whaddon road?

Cheltenham Town FC and Gloucester City AFC

Who are Board members for cheltenham and gloucester?

Three of the members of the Board of Directors at Cheltenham and Gloucester Plc are the Chairman, David Pritchard, Roger F. Burden, and Darren S. Pope. The other two board members are Joy Ann Griffith and Michael F. Mitchell.

Where is the nearest Halifax Branch to GL11 5EL?

Gloucester - Westgate Street Tewkesbury - High Street Cheltenham - Winchcombe Street

Where is Tewksbury England UK?

Tewkesbury is in the county of Gloucestershire about 15 miles north of Gloucester and 10 miles north of Cheltenham.

What cheltenham and gloucester building society branch has sort code 30 59 51?

find a list of banks in cheltenham on http://www.bankers-telenet.com

Where is cheltenham?

Cheltenham is a borough of Gloucester in England. It is located at the base of the Cotswold Mountains. It is the site of the famous steeple chase race, the Gold Cup. It is known for food and festivals throughout much of the year.