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Lincoln was elected two times. He gave his first inaugural speech, the first time he was inaugurated in 1861, his second the second time he was inaugurated, for his second term in 1865.

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Q: Why did president Lincoln have two Inaugural speeches?
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What was the name of the speech that is on the Lincoln memorial?

There are two, one engraved on either side of Lincoln's big chair (in which he sits). One is the Gettysburg address, one of the shortest speeches ever written by a president. The 2nd, is his 2nd inaugural address.

Which presidents gave two inaugural speeches?

Every president that was elected twice and so had two inauguration, gave two inaugural addresses. They were Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Lincoln, Grant, Cleveland, McKinley, Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Nixon, Clinton and George W, Bush.

Where was the speech of Abraham Lincoln?

Lincoln made many speeches, but the best known is probably the short address he made at Gettysburg, PA, to dedicate the national cemetery there. Of course he made two inaugural addresses in Washington, and his famous debates with Sen. Douglas were made at various towns in Illinois.

What famous speech in carved in the walls at the Lincoln memorial?

Two speeches, generally considered two of his greatest and most significant: the Gettysburg Address and the Second Inaugural Address. The former dealt with the question of what this nation was founded upon, and the latter asked why the Civil War came about.

What three texts did Abraham Lincoln study in preparation of his first inaugural address?

Abraham Lincoln studied three texts to help himself prepare his first inaugural address. One was US President Andrew Jackson's proclamation against Nullification, and the speeches of perhaps the two greatest Whig party leaders, Henry Clay and Daniel Webster. With that said, it was well known that Clay had been a political hero for Lincoln in his early days and both Lincoln and Clay supported the American Colonization Society. Lincoln had been a junior Whig and he delivered Clay's eulogy in Kentucky, where Lincoln was born. Clay was a slave owner and he and Lincoln often spoke about how the problem of slavery could be solved. They had no solution at the time. It may also be noted that the particular speech of Clay's that Lincoln studied was the one Clay had given concerning the 1850 Missouri Compromise.

WHAT is Abe Lincoln famous speech?

The Gettysburg Address is one of Lincoln's most well-known and quoted speeches. However, Abraham Lincoln was a great public speaker and gave many memorable speeches throughout his political career.

What are the last two words of the Inaugural Poem Maya Angelou wrote for President Bill Clinton's inauguration in 1993?

The last two words of Maya Angelou's Inaugural Poem for President Bill Clinton in 1993 were "We rise."

What two speeches are carved into the side chambers at the Lincoln Mermorial?

I don't know but maby the gettys burg adresss

What is the main idea in Abraham Lincoln?

In his first inaugural speech, he warned against the southern states seceding from the Union, and why it was wrong to divide the Union. In his second inaugural speech, he expressed that he wanted the war to come to an end, and that peace should follow.

Was Abraham Lincoln the first president to to be reelected as president two other times?


How can this be the 56th inaugural parade for the 44th president?

there are presidents that have served two and three terms. so, even though we've only had 44, we have had two and three inauration for the same president.

What where two jobs Lincoln had before he was president?

Lincoln was a lawyer and postmaster