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Wilson refused because Huerta had murdered Mexico's former leader Fransisco Medeo in a coup. Wilson refused on the grounds of his "moral" diplomacy.

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Q: Why did president Wilson refuse to recognize Huertas government?
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What were Wilson's goals with the Missionary diplomacy for Mexico?

Missionary diplomacy was used by Woodrow Wilson during the years as president, it was a type of diplomacy that spread Christianity. This also was a Corrollary to the Monroe Doctrine, which stated that Europe should stay out of Latin America.

Which US president refused to recognize General Huerta as the leader of Mexico during the revolution?

Which U.S. president refused to recognize General Huerta as the leader of Mexico during the revolution

Did President Wilson believe in racial segregation?

Yes, he re-segregated the government

Who set out president Woodrow Wilson's plan for government in the US?

New Freedom

When did the German government appeal to president Wilson for armistice?

october 4, 1918

What were some of president Wilson's achievements as a progressive president?

Some of President Woodrow Wilson achievements as a progressive president included passing legislation centered around labor rights, creating a stronger central government and anti-trust legislation.

What president set race relations back 50 years by segregating government workers?

Woodrow wilson?

What US president had a stroke?

Woodrow Wilson

How did Wilson respond to Huerta's rule?

Wilson refused to recognize Huerta's regime as the legitimate government of Mexico. He believed that Huerta had come to power through illegitimate means and was repressive. Wilson also supported the revolution led by Venustiano Carranza against Huerta.

What twentieth century US president had a total disdain for government secrecy?

Both as a scholar and later as US president, Woodrow Wilson wrote extensively against government secrecy. For example here is one quote from President Wilson, " I for my part believe there ought to be no place where anything can be done....where everyone does not know". Also, "Secrecy means impropriety".

Who claimed that liberty has never come from government but liberty has always come from the subjects of goverenment?

President Woodrow Wilson

What does Woodrow Wilson mean?

Wilson was the 28th president of the United States. He was a liberal which basically means he supported free market and less government intervention. You could also describe him as the founder of modern liberalism and foreign policy.