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I didn't know they did!

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Q: Why did the American Indians start smoking?
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Why did the American Indians invent smoking?

They invented smoking because the American Indians were having a fire then one of the Indians drooped a stick in the fire, which became the first sagar.

Who was the first to invent smoking?

Well, I've researched loads of places about this question and found out that the one that started smoking is the American Indians.

What is an unusual palindrome?

kinnikinnik, a smoking mixture used by North American Indians as a substitute for tobacco.

What has the author George Arbor West written?

George Arbor West has written: 'Tobacco, pipes and smoking customs of the American Indians' -- subject(s): Social life and customs, Indians of North America, Tobacco, Smoking, Tobacco pipes, Calumets

When children start smoking?

They shouldn't start smoking, but most start at adolescense. Now, I'm not telling any teenager to start smoking!!

What cash crop saved Jamestown what effect did it have on the American Indian in the area?

tobacco and it got all the american indians fever with it to start off

What Indians start with a j?

The Jicarilla Apache Tribe is a Native American Indian tribe. It begins with the letter J.

When did satchel paige start playing baseball?

Satchel Paige was signed to the Cleveland Indians of the American League in 1948.

How did zayn from one direction start smoking?

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Did American Indians make beer?

Beer was made by American Indians

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The U.S Bureau of Indians Affairs was formed to?

absorb American Indians into the mainstream American culture.