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WRONG ANSWER BELOW the Pilgrims and the Purtians came to America to escape the state religion of England. Religions that didn't follow the Church of England were discriminated against and the people who practiced the religion were arrested. They wanted to be able to practice their religion without harassment from the government. This is one reason the founding fathers were careful when they wrote the constitution to keep a separation of church and state. They didn't want a government state religion.

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they wanted to

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Q: Why did the Pilgrims want to settle in America?
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Where did the English pilgrims settle?


Which country did the pilgrims settle?


Where did the pilgrims settle in America?

Plymouth MA

Who issued the pilgrims a land to settle In America?

King James

Who issued the pilgrims a land-grant to settle in America?

King James

Who issued the Pilgrims a land grant to settle in America?

King James

Why didn't the pilgrims leave America?

the pilgrims didn't leave America because the didn't want to.

What exchange did the pilgrims make for their passage to America?

To get permission to make their passage to America, the Pilgrims had to first obtain patents that allowed them to settle there. These patents were obtained by the Virginia Company.

Why did the pilgrims want to leave America?

They did not want to leave America they wanted to go there.

A member of a puritan separatist sect that left England in the early 1600s to settle in America?


Where did the pilgrims settle from Atlantic Ocean to North America?

They left England and landed in Plymouth, Mass.

Why were the Pilgrims in Plymouth and the Puritans in Massachusetts Bay Colony eager to settle colonies in North America?

for religious freedom