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There were a number of reasons for the Pueblo Revolt. The Spanish were cruel taskmasters and many Pueblos were virtually enslaved. The traditional Native religion was banned and Pueblo religious leaders were charged with with witchcraft and executed or whipped.

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The Pueblo Revolt was led by Po'pay of the Ohkay Owingeh (San Juan) Pueblo who somehow managed to unify most of the Northern Pueblo Indians despite long term tribal conflicts and hostilities and language differences to unite against Spanish encroachment into their lands, enslavement. denial of religious rights and inhumane treatment. Po'pay was one of the Native American religious leaders charged with witchcraft and while only whipped at the stake, he was not among those executed on that charge. As one of the survivors of this Catholic purge of Native American religions he gained political power that extended widely to other Pueblos.

The Pueblo revolt killed at least 400 Spaniards and 21 of the 33 Catholic Priests in Nuevo Mexico. It allowed their withdrawal and kept them out for 12 years. Po'pay died and nobody could presume to lead the Pueblo Indians. The Spaniards resumed their control, but abandonded enslavement and opened the door to the free practice of religion as long as a form of Cathoicism was observed.

The revolt failed, but the principals that it fought for endured.

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The Pueblo were being mistreated by the Spanish.

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Q: Why did the Pueblo revolt against the spanish?
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Who was Popé?

A Pueblo who led a Native American revolt against the Spanish

How did the Pueblo Revolt End?

The Pueblo Indians won the Pueblo Revolt and they were free from the Spanish for at least 12 years......

In 1680, a Pueblo leader named led a revolt against the Spanish in New Mexico?

Junipero Serra

Describe the pueblo revolt.why and what happened?

The Pueblo revolt against the Spanish's in 1680.They were tired of being controlled by the Spanish like Americans did.Like the Americans, the Spanish gathered together and fought against the Spanish.They finally got their freedom back.

What happened after the pueblo revolt?

the spanish were driven out of new mexico

Who led the successful rebellion against the Spanish in 1680?

Popé, a Tewa religious leader from Ohkay Owingeh (San Juan Pueblo), led the revolt of 1680 against Spanish colonial rule in New Mexico. The intent of the Pueblo Revolt was to expel Spanish settlers from Pueblo lands, to preserve the the Pueblo as a nation, and to preserve the Pueblo way of life.The Pueblo Revolt of 1680 succeeded, in driving the Spanish from New Mexico.But, after Popé's death in 1688, the Spanish returned in 1692, but they no longer tried to wipe out the Pueblo language and religionIn September 2005, the State of New Mexico placed its second statue in Statuary Hall-- actually the Rotunda- of the United States Capitol. The Statue is of Popé,

Why did the pueblo revolt against the Spaniards?

The spainiards renewed their attacks on pueblo religion

What is the Difference of the pueblo revolt and Pontiac's rebellion?

pueblo revolt is spanish and pontiacs rebellion is British. he are also different pueblo t doesnt have a leader and pontiacs rebellion does have a leader.they both won a battle

What caused the pueblo revolt and what was its ultimate outcome?

The Pueblo Revolt was caused by mistreatment of the Santa Fe Pueblo Indian tribe by Spanish settlers. While the natives initially defeated the settlers, they were ultimately beaten by the Spanish.

Why did the pueblo peoples revolt against the Spaniards?

The spainiards renewed their attacks on pueblo religion

Why did the pueblo people's revolt against the Spaniards?

The spainiards renewed their attacks on pueblo religion

Who was driven out of New Mexico during the pueblo revolt?