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The southern economy was based upon, cotton, tobacco, denim, sugar, hemp. All these crops were harvested on plantations that used slave labor. The majority of these crops were sold to British and French trading houses for manufacturing into a finished products which were sold around the world. These trading houses had been in existence since the colonial period, and were well established in the southern economy. The majority of the southern plantation owners had borrowed money from these houses against future crops. When the slave trade ended it put such a great value upon the existing slave in the USA that these plantation owners now borrowed against the value of their slaves. Slave labor it very inefficient, and the yield for thes huge plantation were almost always less than what was expected. The plantation owners were in a vicious cycle, of buying more land to grow more cotton, and needing more slaves to harvest that cotton. they borrowed heavily and deeply, and with the textile industries of Europe unable to keep up with market demand the value of cotton was high and the house were willing to speculate and lend freely. Not to mention the shipping companies, and banks, and retailers, which also had interest.

The northern states were seeking to buy a greater volume of these raw materials but the european trading houses basically controlled the market and the northern states were the trade competitors of Europe. The tariffs that the USA placed upon manufactured goods to protect the manufacturing north, angered that south who provided the raw materials for these products and were expecting lower prices. Many southerns made efforts to bring industry to the south and manufacture the raw materials into finished products in the south. However again the banks and trading house were able to prevent the south from achieving this on anything but a small scale. Also the south did not have the availability of labor that the north did.

In the northern states that allowed slavery the slaves were mostly domestic servants, in the south the slaves were an integral part of the southern economy. Those that thought and knew slavery was an evil believed it to be a necessary evil for it was how wealth was created in the south. Their was not the population available to hire workers in exchange of the slaves.

Uncle Toms Cabin, and the slave laws that allowed bounty hunters to hunt slaves in the north along with criminalizing those that hid or support slaves in any manner brought the issue of slavery to a far greater public in the north. This exposure to the slave issue and the many instances of violence greatly angered the northern population. Those that did not care about slavery did care about armed gangs marauding over the country side. Some instances became very bloddy. There was an instance in which a town refused to release a freeded slave in to the hands of bounty hunters and federal marshall had to be brought in to escort the now unfree slave and the bounty hunters back south. There were bouty hunters that were killed by anger mobs and people that were beaten, toutured, and killed by bounty hunters. They were bounty hunters that killed other bounty hunters to make off with their captured slaves for the reward.

Some people viewed slaves as equals others viewed slaves as something less than human, other did not care as long as they got paid. Many of the poor southerns who often lived in conditions worst than many slaves believed themselves to be superior just because they were freemen, and felt that they would somehow be now better than slaves were slavery do away with.

The southern economy needed slavery the northern did not.

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Q: Why did the The southern economy based upon cotton tobacco denim sugar hemp All these crops were harvested on plantations that used slave labor The majority of these crops were sold to Brit?
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Why was the economy of the southern colonies dependent on large plantations when?

The economy of the southern states(not colonies) was dependent on large plantations due to the production of cotton, the souths cash crop during the 1800's.

Why was slavery more important ot the southern econonmy than it was to the economyof other regions?

Slavery was more important to the southern economy than to the other regions is because the slaves they had had to work on plantations and made sure that the crops were harvested and replenished (grew again).

What did large Southern plantations depend up on for a successful economy?

They depended on the crops they grew.

The majority of White families in the antebellum South owned?

The majority of White families in the antebellum South owned enslaved African Americans. This system of slavery was a key foundation of the Southern economy, with enslaved individuals forced to provide labor on plantations and in households.

What colonies had large plantations?

The plantation system was developed in the Southern colonies of the US. A plantation system/economy is an economy based on agricultural mass production, usually of a few staple products grown on large farms called plantations.

The economy of the southern colonies?

Economy in The Southern Colonies was based on plantations and slavery. The main crops that were grown were Indigo, Tobacco, Wheat, and Rice due to the easy irrigation from nearby rivers.

Southern colonies developed an economy based on what?

The South's economy was based on Farming. They used African American Slaves to do the work. There were few factories, unlike the North who had an industrial economy.

Why was the economy of the southern colonies so dependent on large plantations when most of colonists lived and worked on small farms?

The economy of the southern colonies was so dependent because they believed in helping eachother out.

What was the major economy of the southern colonies?

The South was a cash crop economy of cotton and tobacco.

How did the economy of the Southern Colonies depend on enslaved Africans?

All work on and concerning the plantations depended on slave labors.

The economy of the Southern Colonies was?

The Southern Colonies were of an agrarian economy, so they worked in agriculture, which called for plantations for the crops and the slaves to work on the crops. This became so deeply rooted that this is why the Southern Colonies that were soon to be the Southern States wished for slavery to be legal in the US.

What type of economy did southern colonies have?

The southern colonies had an agricultural economy, with cash crops such as tobacco, rice, and indigo driving their prosperity. Slave labor played a significant role in the economy of the southern colonies, especially in large plantations. Trade with Europe also played a key role in the economy of the southern colonies.