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The bombing happened when tensions became high when the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the congress official equality became involved in a campaign to register African American to vote in Birmingham.

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Q: Why did the bombing of Birmingham church happen?
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When was the bombing of the 16 street baptist church in Birmingham?

The bombing happend in 1963.

Did the men responsible for the Birmingham church bombing arrested?


What is the copyright date for the 1963 church bombing?

1963 Birmingham Church Bombing by Lisa Klobuchar is ©2009.

How did the Birmingham church bombing affect the civil rights movement?

The Birmingham church bombing affected the civil rights movement because it was a time where people would never forget that day that happened on the 16th street in Birmingham,Alabama.

When did Church Street bombing happen?

Church Street bombing happened in 1983.

How has the church bombing in Birmingham affected the US today?

We argue about black and whites

When did Navaly church bombing happen?

Navaly church bombing happened on 1995-07-09.

What events led up to the Birmingham church bombing?

A couple days before the bombing, courts had ordered desegregation in Birmingham Schools

About 4 little girls was killed in 1963 Birmingham church bombing?

This is a statement not a question.

Was the 1963 Birmingham bombing real?

Yes, the 1963 Birmingham bombing was real. It occurred at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, and resulted in the deaths of four African American girls. The bombing was carried out by members of the Ku Klux Klan in a targeted act of racial violence.

What happen to the church after the bombing in 1963?

Please clarify which church are you referring to. Thank you.

What was the fifth girls name in the 1963 Birmingham church bombing?

There was not a fifth girl in the church bombing. One of the girl's, Mae Williams, sister would have been a fifth, Sarah Collins Rudolph.