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It was not the padres only that built the missions ,they did take charge was a big experience for everyone.the Indians lived by a bell that separates there activities that the padres made them do.

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Q: Why did the padres want to build missions?
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What are padres?

Padres were priests who worked in the missions.

Why did father serra want to build missions?


What was life like for the padres at the missions?

what was mission life for the padres

What activities did the padres do at the missions?


Who was in charge of building the missions?

The Spanish padres were in charge of building the missions.

What jobs were the padres responsible for?

they had to guard the missions

What did the padre do at the mission?

The padres worked at the missions

Who lives in the California missions?

Missionaries, priests, padres, and many numbers of Native Americans lived in California missions.

Why did father serra want to build more missions?

he wanted to build them so he could convert the indians belief to christianity

How long did the padres stay at missions?

i don't know answer me please

What were the jobs of padres and priests at the missions?

they boss indians around

Who were the padres in the missions?

Estevan Tapis was a padre, and was the founder of the mission