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Native Americans were marked as having super-natural abilities. Much more too!

superior physical Prowess is documented within sociological studies ...

beginning stage of their extermination, prior to adopting "white mans foods" they were commonly titled "Engines" with its literal association .

{Strength Example - The Eskomo are observed to possess similar physical Characteristics as the Native's....during the Season of Collecting Salmon Eggs, one Eskomo Man Would Commonly Carry 100 Lbs of Eggs in each hand & 100 Lbs in his jaws....From the River to underground Storage Cache 5 Miles Away! 1000-2000 Lbs of eggs were typically stored per season )

in physiologically similar Isolated Groups of people around the globe......

Skeletal Records show remarkable excellence.

Exceptional point to note are....

-No Crooked Teeth (aka: No Crowded Teeth, aka: Narrowed Jaw Bone Structure)

-Resistant To Tooth Decay (less than 1% of total Pop..."Virtually No Tooth Decay")

-Superiorly Structured Dental Arches & Cheek Bone (Super muscles For Mastication)

-Women Had wider Pelvic Bone Structure

(Giving Birth was allowed to complete in a much shorter time period, Stories say...women commonly would choose to give birth alone in a quite place away from the group, it was a very fast and painless expereince)

-High Resistant to Common western Disease (Like Common "Tuberculosis")


"Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" By Weston A Price.

(western history said, Natives cough the white mans illnesses".... western History does not clarify, "after the Natives were westernized, and began eating white mans foods they )

Statistically they were the tallest most physically fit race of people on earth at that time. avg was 5'10 V.S. 5'6" (white Man)

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Q: Why did they call Indian Americans engines?
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