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The main reason they put coins on Abraham Lincolns eyes when he dies was to keep his eyelids closed. There is also a wives tale about the pennies allowing the dead to travel to the river Styx.

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In ancient Greece and later, Rome, coins were put over a dead person's eyes so that they could pay the toll to cross the River Styx. A spirit unable to pay was doomed to be a ghost, never crossing over to their final reward. It is more likely, however, that coins were place on President Lincoln's eyes because the weight kept his eyes closed.

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because he needed some change

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Q: Why did they put coins on Lincoln's eyes when he died?
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traditionally they put two silver coins on the eyes (one on each) and it was for the boat man (or death or the grim reaper any of these names) and it was so that the king could take these coins into the after life and pay the boat man for a safe voyage to the next world

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Where would i write Abraham Lincolns initials on map?

If I was doing a map I would put him in Kentucky, Illinois, and Washington.

Why did they put coins in dead person eye?

In Greek mythology, the coins were so the souls could pay the cost for Charon to ferry them across the River Styx. Different cultures have different reasons for doing this. It is a custom in some cultures to place coins on the eyelids of the dead to keep their eyes closed. The custom is thought to have begun for cosmetic reasons. When a person dies, in a short time their eyes sink far back into their head as they dehydrate, causing the face to present an appearance that many people find disturbing. Placing coins over the eye sockets covered the eyes and made the visage less unpleasant for the bereaved. Nowadays morticians slip plastic fillers behind the eyelids to eliminate this effect.

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