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Long ago, heat for homes was centered near the fireplaces and it was basically cold in the home and school. Trapped air in layered petticoats has an insulating effect thereby keeping the wearer warm, but still permitted the use of a dresslike garment.

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Q: Why did women wear petticoats and dresses long ago?
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Did women wear petticoats or corsets?

Women wore corsets and petticoats

What would girl Victorians wear?

Long dresses, lots of petticoats, and long pantaloon knickers and often an apron to cover the dress.

What did loyalists wear?

Loyalists women would wear dresses, corsets, and petticoats to keep warm. Loyalists men would wear trousers, or breeches, shirts and a waist coat.

What do women wear in spain?

They wore long cotton skirts and a simple blouse.

Why do ancient Chinese women wear long sleeved dresses?

i do not know why they wear long sleeved dresses

What did women wear in the 50s?

In the 1950's a women would wear a dress, or a poodle skirt with a button-down cardigan and saddle shoes. A tween would wear the same or usually a preppy plaid skirt with (sometimes) crinilin under it to make it flare or "poof"

What clothing did women wear on the gold fields?

Women wear long dresses with corsets underneath the dresses. They wear comfortable boots. Maybe some jewellery and a nice hat.

What is the traditional wear of the ankole women in Uganda?

Men wear long pants and shortsleeve shirts, Women wear long dresses

What did women wear in the 1800?

Women's clothing in the 1800's was highly accessorized. Women wore kerchiefs, stockings, petticoats, hats, and corsets. The dresses in this era had a high waistline.

Why do women wear long dresses in 1900?

because that was the style back then.

What did Chinese women wear 200 years ago?

they wear long dresses that cover the ankles

What did ute women wear?

they wore long deerskin dresses and buckskin moccasins