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Because they converted to Christianity rather than face annihilation by the Spanish.

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thought that be the reason still it is their land not the Spanish still to this day Hispanics think they own the country, and a sense of entitlement name not Sanchez or Gonzalez certain lyare personanon grata
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hate typing and keyboard supposed to be certainly are

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Q: Why do full blooded native Americans why have spanish last names?
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What are the names of native Americans from Utah?

One tribe was the Uintah.

What are the names of native Americans that lived in the middle colonies?

Some native Americans in the Middle Colonies were the Algonquin and the Iroquois tribes.

How many native American Indian is billionaires or millionaire and what are their names and locations?

I am a Native American millionaire!

Did the native Americans like their lives at San Juan Capistrano?

the spanish attaced the natives americans

How do you translate American names to Indian names?

It is not usually possible to translate a name into any native American language, since there is no direct correlation. Native naming traditions are completely unlike modern American names, some of which are meaningless modern inventions and others have their roots in European traditional names.For example the Sauk leader known widely as "Black Hawk" was really called Makata imeshekiakiak, meaning Black Sparrowhawk. No American name is anything like this in meaning (sparrowhawks are not black, but for native Americans a spirit animal or bird can be any colour).In some cases native attempts at pronouncing English or French names were influenced by the lack of certain sounds in the native languages: for example, the Mi'kmaq could not say the French name Francois-Joseph properly and instead used Blamswe-Zozep - but this is not a translation, simply a native attempt to say the unfamiliar foreign name.The same applies to many other native American languages.In the Crow language of Montana, when referring to a specific person, native names traditionally end with "sh". So if they are talking about someone today who is named Joe, they say Joesh - again this is not a translation, simply a combination of a modern English name and a native name ending.

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How did the states and lakes get their names?

Native Americans

What were some bad things that happened to Native Americans at Spanish missions?

The Native Americans were pushed off their land.ANSWER 2: They lost much of their traditional heritage by being made to accept Christian names, deny their spiritual traditions/beliefs, and forced conversion to Christianity in order to obtain food and other necessities from the Spanish.

What were the names of Native Americans that lived in Alaska?

Aleuts and Inuits.

What are the names of native Americans from Utah?

One tribe was the Uintah.

What are the native Americans names that lived in New Jersey?


How come Native Americans have European names?

Native Americans were forced to adopt "European" or "Christian" names by the settlers. These same settlers saw a problem with with names such as Moose Dung (A Ojibwa tribal leader c.1860).

What are the names of the Native Americans that helped Samuel Allen?

hillbilly frank

What sre some names of Native Americans?

hakatuipo yokigoshu uranidiot there are alot..

Why do sports teams use Native American names and symbols?

Because native americans were alive when these teams were created.

Are all Indians called native Americans?

Collectively, yes, they are called Native Americans. Though, quite rightly, the many tribes retain their tribal names and tribal identities.

Why did the french tend to have good relations with the native Americans?

The French had a friendlier relationship with the Native Americans than the Spanish did because the French did not force the Native Americans off of the land. They also did not try to convert them to any other religion.

What were the names of the two large groups of Native Americans in Pennsylvania?

Lenape and the Susquehanna tribes