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Q: Why do you think Du Bois and Garvey were so critical of each other's ideas?
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What is critical criticism meaning?

being critical minded means that you are not only open to new ideas but you also have to think if your idea is logical or not

Why do you think Du bois and Garvey were so critical of each other and ideas?

Scholar and political activist W.E.B. Du Bois helped found the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).DuBois attended Harvard University and in 1895 became the first African-American to receive a doctorate from the school.

Why did Socrates teach?

Socrates believed in the importance of questioning and critical thinking to seek truth and knowledge. He taught to encourage his students to think for themselves and to engage in philosophical inquiry. His ultimate goal was to help others uncover their own beliefs and ideas.

Why do you think collaboration helps improve your critical thinking skills?

Collaboration exposes you to different perspectives and ideas, challenging you to think critically about different viewpoints. It also encourages you to consider various solutions and weigh their merits, which can enhance your problem-solving abilities. Additionally, discussing and articulating your thoughts to others can sharpen your reasoning and communication skills.

How can the spread of new idea lead to cultural change?

people could think the new ideas are more reasonable and go with the new idea or simply because others are doing it.

Why did the Chinese not spread their ideas in early times?

they wanted to hide them b/c they didnt think others worthy

Why do you think people in middle and high school are so critical of what others do and appear?

You need to answer this prompt. It is homework and we don’t do homework. Your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills and how well you understood the lesson, not ours.

Does Opinions of others help on critical thinking?

Opinions of others can provide different perspectives and help challenge our own beliefs, which can in turn enhance critical thinking skills. However, it's important to critically evaluate these opinions and consider evidence and logical reasoning to form well-informed conclusions.

Does modern critical perspective help us understand Wuthering Heights better or does it just confuse us?

I mean I think that depends on the person. Peersonally, I think modern critical theories really illuminate aspects of the text, like the gender dynamics, but others will tell you critical theory is "a euphemism for dogma and nonsense." However, I don't think that means it's confusing per se, it just means we're drawing different conclusions. How do you define a "better" interpretation of a classic novel? What makes one set of meanings drawn from the text "better" than others? I think if you define what a better understanding of the text means to you, then you can decide if critical theory helps or hinders that.

Why had Garvey asked Cole to taste each ingredient before sampling the cake?

will this is what i think garvey asked cole to taste each ingredient before sampling the cake because they didn't know that how they tasted.

Who is the only two people cole trust in touching spirit bear?

I think Edwin and Garvey, his mom?

Why do you think Marcus garvey is the most infuential or seccessful?

because he try to make this world a better place to live in