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Q: Why do you think so much muck existed in the tenements and in the meatpacking business?
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What conditions existed in the north that might lead to problems at a later date?

I think it was fighting in the south when the southerns knew the l Land and northerns didbt you could call it an advantage

How do scientists think people migrated from Asia to the Americas in the last ice age?

They believe a land bridge existed between what is now Russia and Alaska. Sea levels would have been lower at the time due to the amount of ice on land.

Why was schooling not considered important in colonial times as it is now?

Schools were rare. Where schools existed, they could not interfere with the farm work, so they were only open one to three months during the year. The main reason for schools was to teach the students to read the Bible and to do simple math. If he wanted to go to college, a young man studied with hid minister who taught him Latin and Greek. Colonists did not think it was important to educate girls, but some were educated by their fathers and brothers.

What dangers do you think the citizens believed existed that required the inclusion of Amendment II?

In America's Founding Period, the inclusion of the Second Amendment was driven principally by two factors. The first was the existing tradition for Great Britain of the 'right to bear arms.' The second was the practical experience of Americans in their turbulent times, which included lawlessness in many outlying areas, the hostility of Natives on the frontier, and the recent need for personal arms in the struggle to win independence from Great Britain.

What did N.j.Conte invented in 1795?

I think its the pencil. dh6dwI think its the pencil.

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Why do you think so much existed in the tenements and in the meatpacking business?


Why do you think people live in tenements?

People lived in tenements because of there low paying jobs often forced them yo move into and tenement which is a poorly built, overcrowded apartment building.

Do scientists think living could have existed on neptune?


What technologies existed in Italy in 1510?

Compass and Telescope is what I think.

Why did people first think dragons existed?

because they were stupid

What was the very first thing that ever existed?

energy i think...

What was climate when the homo habilis and erectus and sapiens existed?

eh... nobody really knows that, but i think that it was too hot and they existed... O_o

How did they think people got on to earth?

They thought people had always existed.

What car does Socrates have?

I don't think that cars existed in Socrates' era.

E What kind of government existed in Japan during the 1930s?

i think it was moarchy

Have bearded dragons existed as long as dinosaurs?

I think so, but I'm not for sure

What chores did pimgrlims have?

i dont think Pimgrlims ever existed. pilgrims maybe?