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Most of the early colonists were colonists because of religion. They were not colonists first and religionists second. They were religionists first and that resulted in their becoming colonists.

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because they have opinions to, how would you like it if something you love to do became illegal all of a sudden?

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Q: Why do you think the ideas of democracy and freedom of religion were important to the colonists?
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Why was freedom of religion important to the colonists and farmers?

What colonists what farmers

What beliefs about rights were important to American colonists?

When the American colonists arrived here from Britain, two major rights were important to them. The first right was freedom of speech, and the second was freedom of religion.

Why was freedom of religion important to the colonists?

They were leaving Europe because of religoius opression, so freedom of religion woulb be important to them. If they didnt have freedom of religion they would be just like Britian, the country they were leaving.

What freedom did the colonists of Maryland?

Freedom of Religion

What freedom did the colonist of maryland want?

Freedom of religion was the freedom that the colonists of Maryland wanted.

Why did the colonists go to the Americas?

For religion and economic freedom from Europe

How important is the freedom of religion?

Very important. Without the freedom of religion there would be state religion.

Why did colonists leave Great Britain?

So they could have freedom of speech and religion.

How important is freedom of religion?

pretty important

What is one right or freedom that William penn gave colonist in Pennsylvania?

One right or freedom that William Penn gave colonists in Pennsylvania is freedom of speech,freedom of religion,and the right to a fair trial by jury.

The majority of colonists who first settled in Plymouth were?

The majority of colonists who came to America for religious freedom. Most of the Plymouth colonists practiced the Quaker religion.

How does social democracy implies?

freedom of discrimination based on race,, religion, ecthnicity, or sex