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This is probably because the English colonist settled here first (not including Native Americans.) I guess the wanted to have it named after their own language. They inventor of the American "English" also changed words so it wouldn't be the exact United Kingdom English.

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Q: Why is English spoke in America instead of American?
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where did Americans learn English from?

Many of the first colonials to settle in America in the 1600's were from what is now known as the United Kingdom, and thus they spoke English, from which "American English" stems from.

What did Louisa May Alcott speak?

Louisa May Alcott spoke English. She was an American author known for writing the classic novel "Little Women."

Did the English and the Native Americans have the same language?

No. The English spoke English, and the Native Americans spoke various languages native to North America.

Why was the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle written in English instead of Latin?

most people spoke English

Did people speak in American dialects in the 1700s?

Yes, people in the American colonies in the 1700s spoke various dialects influenced by their regional origins (such as British, Dutch, French), as well as indigenous languages. These dialects evolved over time to become distinct American English dialects.

What native American who spoke English taught the pilgrims how to plant corn?

the Native American who spoke English was SAMOSET.

American WHAT spoke against English rule of George the third?


What languages spoken by American Indians to the arrival of the English pilgrims?

They spoke English. The major conversations of history were situations where a native American had learned English.

Which language are spoke in America?

English, Spanish, Italian, German, and many others.

Why is steinbecks earlier work popular in America and Europe?

because he spoke english

Name of native American who spoke to the piligrims in English?


What language did zenger speak when he came to America?

John Peter Zenger, a German immigrant, likely spoke German when he first arrived in America. However, he also would have learned English, as it was the predominant language in the American colonies at the time.