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they do not teach us about John Hanson because in the constitution they want us to believe that George Washington was the first president

... because George Washington was indeed the first President of the United States.

John Hanson was the first "President of Congress" (sometimes called "President of the United States in Congress Assembled") under the rules set by the Articles of Confederation. The President of Congress was a ceremonial position, dating back to the first Continental Congress before the Revolutionary War even began, which was vaguely similar to the current Speaker of the House- but with almost no power whatsoever. It was an apolitical, impartial moderator position, whose primary function was to ensure that rules were followed; he was not allowed to participate in the debates, nor did he have any executive power whatsoever. He couldn't even sign documents unless Congress ordered him to!

It was a completely separate and unrelated position from President of the US, and ceased to exist when the last one resigned in 1788 (almost six months before Washington became the first POTUS). With the ratification of the US Constitution, the position was no longer necessary, as Congress was split into the House and Senate, with their own rules and officers. The Constitution also set up the President of the US as the supreme executive authority, and largely separated him from Congress.

We generally don't hear about John Hanson in school because he was one of many Presidents of Congress (he was neither the first nor the last- he was simply the first under the Articles of Confederation), and the Presidents were generally not all that important. Because the Continental Congress did not like the idea of giving one person a lot of power, they intentionally gave the President of Congress almost no power whatsoever, instead preferring to delegate authority to committees.

The only similarity between the President of Congress and the President of the United States is the title "President". Otherwise, they have virtually nothing in common.

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He is a forgotten founding father.

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Q: Why is John Hanson not taught in us history?
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Where was John Hanson inauguration held?

Hanson, John 1st Continental Congress 1781 John Hanson elected 1st "President of the US in Congress assembled" - Hanson, John ACI International -John Hanson

First leader of the US?

John Andrew Hanson

Who was the first real president of the US?

John Hanson

Who was first president in US?

John Hanson (1715-1783)

Who was the first voted president of the US?

John Hanson (1715-1783)

What year was John Hanson president of US?

He Wasn't Ever President Of The U.S!

Who was the first president from the US?

John Hanson was the first president from the united states

Was John Hansen the first president of the US African decent?

No.John Hanson was the first "President of the United States in Congress Assembled" under the Articles of Confederation. This means that he presided over the Continental Congress. Therefore his duties were most similar to those of the modern Speaker of the House of Representatives or the Vice President of the United States in his capacity as President of the US Senate. The President of the United States in Congress Assembled was never intended to be the "chief executive" of the country or "commander-in-chief" of the US military.John Hanson was a white man from Maryland. The rumor that he was black is false. Frequently a photograph (daguerrotype) of a black man, John Hanson Moor, is presented as evidence that John Hanson was black. In truth, there was no photography of any kind during John Hanson's lifetime. John Hanson Moor was a Liberian senator, unrelated to John Hanson.

Was john hanson black or white?

John Hanson was not black but he did serve as the president of the first Continental Congress and so is sometimes referred to as the first president. (There was a black John Hanson who was a prominent Senator in Liberia. People get the two confused from time to time. ) The American John Hanson served as President (1781-1782) under the Articles of Confederation. Hanson's position as president was not at all like the position of President under the United States Constitution. His main job was to chair meetings of the convention and serve as a sort of corresponding secretary for the Congress when it was not in session. Therefore, even though Hanson was in some sense the first president he get only a minor mention in the history books. He was honored by the US Postal Service with a postal card in 1972 and a commemorative stamp in 1981.

Why is US History class only taught through the Vietnam war?

The statement that US history is not taught past the Vietnam War is not correct. US colleges and secondary schools have quite different US history boundaries. There is a mass of US history running past the War in Vietnam.

Who was the first president of the us before the constitution?

John Hanson was the first president under the Articles of Confederation John Hanson was the first president under the Articles of Confederation

Who's the actual president of the US?

john hanson was elected before the congress 10 years old