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because it risky and it can take all there money and trade with the other country.

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Q: Why is it risky for a country to depend on one major cash crop for most of its economic stability?
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What is the explanation for the four major economic goals?

The four major economic goals that must be achieved by every country is : Price stability Faster economic growth then population Equitable distribution of income and wealth Low unemployment

What are the seven major goals of the US economy?

Full Employment Economic Growth Price Stability Economic Freedom Economic Security Economic Equity Efficiency

A major purpose of the economic provisions in the Constitution was to?

Create a strong national government so as to bring stability out of the economic chaos.

What are the major economic activities?

The major pillar of a country is called as the major economic activities. For example in Hawaii the major economic activity is Tourism.

What are The seven major economic and social goals of the US?

According to my textbook, the seven major economic goals that most Americans agree on are as follow: Economic freedom Economic efficiency Economic equity Economic security Full employment Price stability Economic growth

What are the four major objectives of state economic policy?

The major objectives of state economic policy will vary from state to state. Most state economic policy agendas will include; economic development, full employment and price stability, and distribution of income and wealth.

Which country is ranching a major economic activity Italy?

Your dumb

What are the major macroeconomic objectives that confront economic policy makers?

There are four actually: 1. To achieve economic growth; 2. Pursuit of full employment; 3. Price stability the lesser the inflation the better and vice versa; and 4. Pursuit balance of payments stability.

What were Deng Xiaoping major achievements?

Deng created reforms in virtually all aspects of China's political, economic, and social life, restoring China to domestic stability and economic growth after the excesses of the Cultural Revolution, they even put China to a better domestic stability

Why is mining a major economic activity in Guyana?

the country has a large deposits of bauxite

What are the major responsibilities of the president?

save his country from foreign threats, improve the country's economic status, help the countrymen

What is the importance of economic structure?

The economic structure determines how the resources in a country are divided up and it has major implications on what kinds of jobs or goods are available. It has a major effect also on the countries standard of living.