Why is the twin towers a landmark?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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because it is famous.....;

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Q: Why is the twin towers a landmark?
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What is a landmark in Malaysia?

Definitely the Petronas Twin Towers.

Where are the Twin Towers pictures located?

The original World Trade Center featured landmark twin towers. The twin towers pictures can be viewed online. There is a memorium page dedicated to the twin towers and all the people affected by the September 11th bombing in 2001. The twin towers were a symbol of freedom, power and an american icon.

What Nyc landmark did Peter Petit walk across on a tightrope?

1974 twin towers

What is a nearby landmark of the statue of liberty?

Ellis Island. Used to be the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.

What is the twin towers renamed?

The twin towers were never rebuilt or renamed. They are still simpily called the twin towers.

What is bigger eifle tower or twin towers?

twin towers

Did Jan Rowny Work In The Twin Towers?

* he was a cleaner in the twin towers

How heigh are the twin towers?

the twin towers were 110 stories tall.

Who the twin towers?

Osama bin Laden did and name the twin towers

What are the Twin Towers in Malaysia better known as?

The petronas twin towers.

What are 15 facts about the twin towers?

lots 1 the twin towers

Who did the twin towers?

osama bin laden did and name the twin towers