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Because they use to be hated before,as the matter of fact they tried their best to be on the top of the world and as the fact most of them went down in history.

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Q: Why is there a lot of black people history?
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What do you know about black history?

Hi my name is aspen I think it is about black people long time ago.

What will be happening in black history month?

in october children around the world in school learn about the history of black people such as how the white people use to kill the black and use them as slaves. they also had lots of wars like fights

Why are white people rude to black people when it's Black History Month?

Some whites are rude to blacks during Black History Month because they claim it is unfair and unequal to others without a history month. This is unfounded since there are other months designated for other races; they simply are not as high profile as Black History Month. Some even claim there is no White History Month which many have to repeat back that there is; it is every month on the calender. Since white history is taught no matter what, there is no need to have any specific month for it which is what many hope will happen for Black History and which is the whole point of it; that history about black Americans will be taught not because of a month, but because it is history and needs to be known.

Why is there a black history month but not a white history month?

People learn of white history every month of the year, and that is including in Black History month. To have a month set aside would be surely redundant and only reinforce what is reinforced everyday in society and schools.

Why is Oscar Peterson important to black history?

Because he's the one who told the world black people have amazing talent too.

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What effect did the black death do on history?

It killed a lot of people and also helped people find a cure

Who celebrates Black History MOnth?

black history is celebrated by the black people of the world

Where did black people from?

There is a lot of countries that have black people.

Why black history is important to celebrate black history?

Because many black historians did things that are very important a lot of the things we use today are made by black Americans. Without most of our black historians, we wouldn't have a lot of things.

How many words can you make out of Black History Month?

You can make a lot of words out of Black History Month. I estimated about 110 words!?!?!

Why as black people we have no heritage history?

Black Americans have heritage.

Who began the the tradition of black history month?

Black people

Who was the first black rapper?

The first Black rapper is unknown because of history. There is said caveman had did a lot.

Who the first black rapper?

The first Black rapper is unknown because of history. There is said caveman had did a lot.

History of the smallpox?

It killed a lot of people

What is famous in history in Detroit?

A lot of people

Black History Month special?

yes because a lot of black people have done a lotstuff for this country to and the so get a month to celebrate it to it not fair for everyone to say stuff about black people then we can have a month to celebrate the good things black people did for the world made ya that's y its special and ask yourself why wouldn't it be