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it is wrong because he never set foot on America he went to Spain Cuba etc. he didnt even land in Texas. also because he only sold things to America.

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Q: Why might it be inaccurate to say Columbus discovered America?
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Did christopher columbus discover south america?

it is not sure if explore Canada but he discovered it. ===================================== Christopher Columbus did not come anywhere near Canada. You might be confusing Christopher Columbus with John Cabot.

Why shouldn't Americans celebrate Columbus Day?

With regard to the fact that he represented the takeover of the Americas by European races, Columbus and all explorers were detrimental to the cultures of Native Americans. However, the current nations that exist in North and South America would not exist, and the world would not have benefitted from them, if not for the pioneering voyages of Columbus.

Where were radio waves discovered?

might be in Germany or russia or America

When did the Europeans first enter the Caribbean?

1492. Columbus actually discovered the Caribbean, not America. However, we give him credit because he was close. He actually was horrible at navigating. He thought he was going to Asia.... America is actually named after Amerigo Vespuci (that spelling might be incorrect) if you were curious :)

When was smoking discovered?

Walter Ralrigh discovered it when he found rare plants near Jamestown when he first arrived. You might think its Christopher Columbus but they weren't that smart to discover it then.

What is named after Amerigo Vespucci?

The continent of America is named after Amerigo Vespucci, an Italian explorer who first recognized that the lands discovered by Christopher Columbus were part of a new continent and not Asia as initially believed.

Why do you think Native Americans might disagree with the choice of the word discovered?

America was always there

Why would Americans might celebrate Eriksson day rather than Columbus day?

People celebrate Eriksson day rather than Columbus day because the Vikings discovered America before Columbus did, so they want to give the Vikings credit.

What was the first breed of dog to come to America?

The first breed of dog to come to America was the Siberian Husky.

What is the opposite of inaccurate?

The opposite of inaccurate is accurate. Other words that might apply are correct or exact.

Why do some people dislike Christopher Columbus?

Primarily, those who dislike Christopher Columbus do so from the standpoint that he was actually an insufferable human being and a racist. Please read the Related Link to see how Columbus, as Governor of Spanish Hispaniola tortured those under his authority in cruel ways. Also note that it was so bad, that the King and Queen of Spain dragged him back to Spain and incarcerated him for his bad treatment of both Spaniards and the Natives. This should indicate that this is not just a modern perspective of Columbus, but that he was seen as horrible in his own time.

What did Christopher Columbus do to be remembered til this day?

You might know Christopher Columbus has discovered the West Indies well since that day on we remember him by he discovering the West Indies. It's not rocket science nerds!